Top Masters of Science in Nursing Management

With the nursing field growing at a pretty rapid pace, especially in light of economic woes in other industries, it’s no surprise that nursing management programs are exploding in popularity. Increasingly large nursing staffs must be managed by professionals who can combine organizational management skills with those required of a nurse in the midst of the action.

With a number of great online and offline degree programs in this field, those looking to advance upward in the nursing profession have some great options. There are certainly more than just five great programs in nursing management, but the five mentioned here represent the best combination of academics, marketability, and accessibility.

Major universities across the country are competing for nursing students, and these five options represent the best ones to consider during the application process.

Alternative degrees that nurses who want to move in administration exclusively could consider are the Master of Health Administration, an MBA with a Health Administration concentration, or even a general MBA or Master of Science in Management (MSM) such as those offered by the Gies College of Business.

Study Nursing Administration in Illinois

Nursing administration students in Illinois can choose any of the online options below. As well, you can study locally — online or at a campus. Local options includes programs run by Bradley University, Lewis University, Loyola University Chicago, Saint Xavier University, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and University of St. Francis — Leach College of Nursing.

1. Aspen University

Founded in 1987, Aspen University’s focus has always been on online degree programs with a specific emphasis on technology and management. It should come as no surprise, then, that the institution’s Nursing Management program is one of the best among online competitors. The program combines traditional nursing and research education with management techniques and information systems, giving graduates the tools they need to succeed in a world that is moving into increasingly digital operation.

With accelerated degree options and always-on accessibility, the Aspen University degree is perfect for professionals who are looking to get their degree in a short amount of time, and with minimal impact on their daily schedules.

2. La Salle University

The program at La Salle University stands out as one of the most unique in the nation. Termed the MSN in Nursing Administration, the program actually allows students to earn both their MSN and MBA degrees at the same time. This combined degree program gives graduates the tools they need to succeed both inside and outside of the medical world, and represents one of the best multi-degree programs in the country.

La Salle backs up its combined MSN/MBA program with a strong academic reputation and the kind of networking opportunities that are unique to campuses in the northeast corridor region of the United States. For the best combination of medical focus and management expertise, look no further than this Philadelphia-area university.

3. Western Governors University

One of the great things about Western Governors University is that it provides online degree programs with the backing of some of the biggest names in politics. The university was founded as a cooperative effort between the governors of several Western states in the U.S., and represents one of the most well regarded online institutions nationwide.

The Nursing Management program at WGU is a concentration with the Master’s of Science in Nursing degree program itself. The concentration, labeled “Leadership and Management,” focuses on nursing fundamentals, research techniques, and institutional leadership for burgeoning nursing programs and other medical institutions.

4. Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt’s reputation is one of academic prestige in virtually every field, and the university does not shy away from touting the honors given to its nursing and health systems management degrees. Concentration in management is available as part of the institution’s MSN degree program, or students can opt for the separate Health Systems Management degree that is a bit separated from nursing itself.

Both programs represent top-ranked academic pursuits for those in the nursing profession, and it’s likely that these degrees will both provide a solid path to a long, exciting career in the management field. With the backing of one of the country’s best business schools, this traditional, offline series of programs is highly recommended for those in the southern part of the country.

5. Kent State University

One of Ohio’s leading institutions, Kent State’s programs in Nursing Management are some of the best in the country. Though the program is not offered online, it does combine a great deal of business education with the fundamentals of nursing research and healthcare management. In fact, the concentration is uniquely called “Nursing Healthcare Management,” an acknowledgement that graduates will be able to taking on management rules for nursing staffs and larger medical institutions.

For those local to the Kent State University campus, there is no better degree program than the one offered by this quintessential Ohio institution.

Great Programs for a Rewarding Future in Nursing

The healthcare industry itself is growing by leaps and bounds, and that means there is always demand for nursing professionals of every kind. With one of these great programs in Nursing Management, those looking to move up the chain of command will find themselves with the resources, skills, and networking opportunities, to do just that.