Eagle Drawings: Simple to Draw

If you want eagle pictures to draw, here are some simple pictures you can use.

There are many eagle drawings out there, but most are drawn by artists and are difficult to copy.

We found some cool eagle drawings that are quite easy to draw. They are bald eagles in different positions, including a bald eagle head, eagles flying side on, and eagles in flight – either landing or attacking prey.

1. Bald Eagle Head Drawing

The feature picture is an American eagle’s head or face. The drawing is quite simple since it really only has three elements. But it still looks cool I think.

Getting the eagle’s eye right is important. The eye needs dark shading and for the front part to be partly covered by the ridge of the eye socket. That gives the eagle a sinister look.

A sharp, hooked beak adds to the tough look of the bald eagle. The under part of the beak is quite small. Make sure to include a nostril slit.

The head of the eagle looks similar to how you would sketch a ghost. The rounded shape dips in at the front of the eagle’s neck and has a shaggy bottom. A couple of pointy bits at the top and back complete the feathery look.

2. Flying Side-On Eagle Drawings

Eagle drawings of bald eagle flying side on

Here a a couple of drawings of eagles flying from side-on views.

The picture where the eagle has both wings raised is a little tricky if you want to color in the drawing. Include a gap between the body and far wing.

The most simple eagle drawing is where you are looking up at the underside of the wings. The wing shape is simple and you just need to add a tail-feather part and the head.

3. Drawings of Eagles Landing or Attacking

Eagle drawings of bald eagle attacking or landing

To finish our set of eagle drawings, here are sketches of a bald eagle coming in to land or attack its prey.

Drawing an eagle front on when it’s coming in to land or attack is quite tricky. Pay close attention to the eyes and beak area as well as the talons.

The side-on view of an eagle landing is easy though. You only need to draw one talon and wing since the far side of the eagle can’t be seen.

One thought on “Eagle Drawings: Simple to Draw

  1. These are some good images to use as references. Aspiring artists may not know that artists use references all the time. In fact, I imagine it’s unusual for artists not to have reference photos and pictures around because it’s hard to visualize things. I like to sketch occasionally and I’m always using online images for references.

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