Roseville Independent

Roseville is a small village with around 1,000 residents, located in Warren County, Illinois. It lies in south-central Warren County. U.S. Route 67 runs through the village and intersects with Illinois Route 116.

The Town Branch Creek flows to the east of the village. Roseville is about 12 miles south of Monmouth and 18 miles north of Macomb.

The village was first settled as New Lancaster in 1838. The name changed to Hat Grove in 1843, inspired by a nearby grove of trees shaped like a hat. In 1853, it became Roseville, coinciding with the development of a railroad line through the town.

The Roseville Independent

The Roseville Independent was once a cornerstone of local news for the community. Founded by Phil Gerding in the mid-1950s, it emerged from the Roseville Press. Gerding served as a linotype operator and later as the editor. Known for his dedication, Gerding was a fixture in the community, often seen riding his bike to work.

Under Gerding’s leadership, the Independent covered a range of topics. Local government, community events, personal milestones, and obituaries were all included. The newspaper played a crucial role in keeping residents informed and connected.

Community and Legacy

Phil Gerding’s contributions to the newspaper and the community are fondly remembered. His dedication ensured that the spirit of the Roseville Independent continues to be a cherished part of local history. His impact was felt throughout Roseville, with many remembering his work fondly.

Although the Roseville Independent is no longer published, its legacy lives on. Notable events and stories from its pages remain in the hearts of the community it once served. The personal touch and deep connection to local news made it a beloved institution in Roseville.