Blandinsville Star-Gazette

430 East Washington Street, Blandisville.
430 East Washington Street

Blandinsville is a small village (<1,000 people) in McDonough County, Illinois. It is about 10 miles northwest of Macomb.

Planning for the town was incorporated in land allocations for Job’s Settlement in 1842. Blandisville was named after Joseph Blandin, owner of the first general store. A post office was established in 1843.

Blandinsville School History

The first school classes began in the late 1830s. A school building was built for the town’s children in 1868. In 1905, a new school building was erected to accommodate the town’s growing population of school-aged children.

Blandisville High School was renamed Northwestern School District in 1949, as part of a merging of Blandinsville, Sciota, and Good Hope school education. A new, more central building was erected near the town of Sciota in 1959.

Blandinsville’s school building continued as a Northwestern School District grade school until 1975, when a new building was built in Good Hope.

Further details: Illinois High School Glory Days.

Blandisville Star-Gazette

Blandisville residents sourced local news and information from the Blandisville Star-Gazette from as early as 1900. The weekly newspaper continued until 1977. An internet version of the newspaper continued until the early 2000s.