Study Abroad Destinations for ISU Students

Study abroad destinations

Illinois State University students have a plethora of study abroad options for those who fancy life beyond the borders of “the Prairie State”. If you are one such student, here are some of the various destinations at your fingertips.

1. Gold Coast, Australia

Admission to the Griffith University on the Gold Coast requires a class standing of at least sophomore level and cumulative GPAs of not less than 3.0 and 2.0 for graduate and undergraduate students respectively. Programs of study encompass Accounting, Criminal Justice, Communication, Business, Theatre, Psychology, Political Science, English, Biological Sciences, History and Art.

2. Perth, Australia

The ultramodern cosmopolitan city of Perth is home to the Edith Cowan University (ECU) which provides a wide range of courses to choose from. Dance, English, Theatre, and Health and Wellness make up just three of the more than thirteen programs on offer for international students visiting Australia.

3. Panama City, Panama

Home to a wondrous man-made feat that is the Panama Canal, Panama City in the similarly named Central American country is the location for a 6-week bilingual program getaway. On the academic agenda is the native culture and dialect and also the education system among other important aspects of the locality.

4. San Jose, Costa Rica

Bordering Panama to the north, Costa Rica is the Latin American alternative for courses including Spanish, Psychology, Political science, Environmental Studies, History, Communication, Art and Business. Academic preliminaries include a minimum 2.0 summer GPA and 2.5 semester GPA and there are no prior language requirements.

5. Sydney, Australia

Art education is the sole area of study in a harbor front city with lots in the way of modern and historic appeal. This two-week program entails visits to the famous Sydney Harbor and excursions within picturesque areas such as the Blue Mountains region which has amassed a sterling resume across various fields of arts.

6. Shanghai, China

The ESSCA in the global financial hub of Shanghai is the place to be for those with a keen interest in Business, Culture and Civilization Studies, Language and Chinese. Cast at heart of a metropolis with 22 million residents, the city has continually been the gold standard for many things in the country particularly standing out as a perennial fashion trendsetter.

7. Paris, France

“The City of Love” in the World-cup winning nation of France provides a summer selection in the sole area of study of Communication. Its rich international backdrop and expansive business networks prove a suitable source of reference and setting for the program.

8. Salzburg, Austria

Overlooking Germany and the Eastern Alps, Salzburg College offers an academic roster featuring Language, History, Political Science, Communication, and Culture and Civil studies. To meet eligibility policies, students are required to take a German language-learning course.

9. Nairobi, Kenya

Popularly known for its indigenous wildlife, Kenya hosts programs revolving around Health and Wellness and Family Consumer Science. These courses are offered in the nation’s capital of Nairobi, the coastal city of Mombasa, and the “flamingo city” of Nakuru.

For ISU students, the world is their oyster with study locations spanning continents from both Americas through to Europe and Asia and even down to Australia and Africa.

Details about the study abroad options are available from the ISU website.