Gies College of Business | University of Illinois

Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois offers cutting-edge and top-ranked undergraduate, graduate, online and executive programs. At any given time, 6,000+ students are enrolled at the Business School.

Students learn and apply business principles to solve realistic business challenges. They do so in at a highly regarded institution. The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign has been ranked among the top 25 colleges in the United States.

The courses are designed to enhance your level of thinking and innovative capabilities. In developing analytic and decision-making skills in its students, Gies is guided by the principles of innovative thinking, leadership and global sensitivity. Here are major programs offered at the university.

Undergraduate Business Programs

Gies undergraduate programs provide you an expansive and innovative curriculum that prepares you for many possible careers, regardless of the major you choose. You have numerous opportunities to make connections and enhance your career through the Bachelor of Science (BS) and other programs.

The undergraduate BS program offers majors in Accountancy, Marketing, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Supply Chain Management and Operations Management. As well, you have the Hoeft Technology and Management Program, Honors, Emerging Business Leaders Program and Study Abroad (short-term programs offered globally).

Graduate Management Programs

The Business School helps you match your career goals with the right program. Every course has a career service expert who will provide you with valuable career advancement guidance and support. This is usually done through career fairs, resume reviews, salary negotiations, networking opportunities, etc.

Some of the graduate courses offered in this university include Full-Time MBA, Master of Accounting Science (MAS), Professional MBA (PMBA), MS in Accounting (MSA), MS in Finance (MSF), MS in Business Administration (MSBA), MS in Management (MSM), MS in Technology Management (MSTM) and MS in Financial Engineering (MSFE).

Online Business Courses

Online courses give you extra flexibility. You can go to work and fit your schedule around your coursework more easily and enjoy the many benefits of studying for an MBA or other postgraduate business degree online.

Gies College of Business lets you navigate through their online courses: Online MBA, Master of Science in Accountancy (Online), Executive Education, Business Minor, and Master of Science in Strategic Brand Communication (Online).

The courses come with an engaging and powerful online experience via digital classrooms. Studying online means you only need to make an online application, pay your tuition fee, do a few other things, and you are ready to go. With this, there are reduced overall study costs. No need to traveling to school — everything is online.

For an undergraduate online business degree, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Gies concentrates on offering the full campus-based experience for bachelor students, with online study mainly reserved for postgraduate courses.

Executive Education

Executive education

Businesses leaders must be able to adapt to changes and new problems that could arise in the future. Gies College of Business uses an action learning model of executive and professional education. The programs empower not only senior executives but also high-performing team and operations managers to advance their business management careers in whichever directions they choose.

Executive Education courses are offered both in classrooms and online; through their Online Business Essentials Series. A good example of executive courses includes the Beyond Next Big Idea course that is set to start in August 15 this year (see Facebook page for details). The course will cover Consumer-Centric Innovation Strategy, Strategic Innovation, Organization Design for Innovation, Control Systems and Performance Management.

By the end of your studies, the Illinois Gies College of Business will have prepared you to lead and make well-thought-out, ethical decisions to whichever challenges and business problems you may face.