World’s Top 10 News Sites

In the ever-competitive world of the Internet, websites constantly come and go. However, some websites have proven reliable and effective when it comes to offering quality, informative content. They have become an enduring, everyday part of our lives for discovering what is happening around the world.

  • The top news sites have great user experience, posting content that is up to date and relevant to the public.
  • They dominate the Internet. Thousands of visitors routinely visit the sites when looking for information.

In this article, with the help of Activate Press, we’ve complied a list of world’s top 10 most popular news websites. Our ranking is based on the quality of content they offer to visitors as well as traffic received.

10. The Guardian

This British national daily newspaper is estimated to have over 42,000,000 organic monthly visitors. Being among the oldest websites globally, it has evolved to be among the top news websites not only in UK but around the world. The Guardian offers reliable information to visitors in areas such as international news, local news, sports and entertainment among many others. It is well known for giving visitors credible news in real time.

9. Washington Post

Based in Washington, this website is estimated to have 47,000,000 unique organic visitors. Having such high numbers of organic searches means the website is reliable when it comes to offering quality and informative content to visitors. Being one of the oldest, Washington Post has had to evolve over time to meet the current needs of the visitors. It offers news in areas such as sports, political, local, inspiring and international. It is also among the top most visited sites in the United States.

8. Mail Online

Also known as, Mail Online is a websites of daily mail; a giant newspaper based in the United Kingdom. Launched in 2003, mail online has grown to become one of the most visited website on the internet. With over 53,000,000 monthly organic visitors, the site has stood up to its motto: offering quality and reliable information to millions of people around the world. The website has international readership, with home pages for UK, India, Australia and United States. Although the site still maintains its conservative editorial stance, much of the content featured is exclusively produced for Mail Online. Some of the news that the site focuses on include celebrity, international and sports.

7. NBC News

NBC delivers stories that people care about. It gives up-to-the minute breaking news, exclusive interviews and in-depth reporting from journalist all over the world. This websites has managed to attract huge traffic and is currently estimated to have organic search of 63,000,000 and the number keeps on rising every minute.

6. Fox News

With estimated unique organic visitors of 65,000,000, Fox has built a name for its self. If you are looking for latest, current or breaking news in areas such a sports, politics, celebrity among many others, you can be sure that Fox News will be among the quickset to update you. The websites is very professional, with great user experience. In addition to that, they usually post great content that is well researched and informative to visitors.

5. New York Times

New York Times is a giant media house that has built a name for its self. It is one of the most respected media houses in the world because it is give quality information which is reliable to visitors. With over 70,000,000 organic searches per month, there is no doubt that New York Times is a giant news website. It has specialized in offering international, local, entertainment, and political news among many others. The site is very professional and easy to navigate. It is easy to find content you are looking for because the site is well organized and subdivided into sections.

4. CNN

With over 95,000,000 organic searches per month, there is no doubt that CNN is one of the main websites today. Well known as the biggest news media site, it commands a big share on the internet. CNN offers news in many areas including international, sports and entertainment. News is also available in various version including the UK, Australia and the United States. In addition to that, this website is well known to post well researched and relevant content quickly.

3. Huffington Post

Huffington Post is a political liberal American online news aggregator and blog that has both localized and international editions. The site is estimated to have organic searches of 110,000,000 per month. What has made this among the top three sites is the quality of content offered to visitors. They not only post news as it happens but their information is reliable. In addition to that, the site is very professional and easy to navigate. You can comfortably navigate through the website and get what you want. Huffington Post offers news in nearly all categories, including entertainment, local, political, international and sports.

2. Google News

Being the biggest search engine on the market, there is no doubt that Google is near the top of the top ten list. Google News is estimated to have 150,000,000 organic searches per month and the number keeps growing fast. Google News offers breaking news in many categories such as entertainment, political and sports. It also offers local news depending on where you are located. Their news is informative and well researched.

1. Yahoo News

With over 175,000,000 organic searches per month, it is unsurprising that Yahoo sits on top of our list. Being one of the top search engines, Yahoo News has a huge internet following around the world. Their news categories range from sports and entertainment to international and political. In addition to offering great content that is reliable, well researched and informative, the website is mobile friendly and easy to navigate.