Abingdon Argus and Argus Sentinel

The Abingdon Argus and Argus Sentinel were significant newspapers in Abingdon, Illinois, serving the community for decades. This archive aims to preserve their legacy and provide a valuable resource for historical research and local history enthusiasts.

Historical Archives


The Abingdon Argus was published from 1952 to 1987, with 7,438 searchable pages available from 1952-1963. The Argus Sentinel, also known as The Argus, continued until 2019, covering Abingdon, Avon, and St. Augustine, Illinois.

  • Abingdon Argus (1952-1987)
    • Available for browsing and searching through Newspapers.com.
    • Digitized editions from April 3, 1952, to December 24, 1963, and microfilm archives available at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library.
  • Argus Sentinel (1987-2019)
    • Recent and historical editions can be accessed through Newslibrary.com.

Significant Stories

Explore notable articles and events covered by the newspapers:

  • Obituary for William Delos Franklin (Dec 21, 1961)
  • Vernon Plasters – Rabbit Hunting (Dec 11, 1958)
  • Auction Nets $50,000 (Aug 27, 2009)

Editorial and Staff

Prominent editors and staff included Mary Lou Stover and Gene Cunningham, who played crucial roles in the newspaper’s operation and its contribution to local journalism.

Community Impact

Old Argus Newspaper Office (Abingdon, Illinois)
Old Argus Newspaper Office (Abingdon, Illinois)

The newspapers were central to the community, reporting on local news, events, and issues that mattered to the residents of Abingdon and surrounding areas.

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Memorabilia and Images

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This webpage aims to serve as a comprehensive resource for those interested in the history of these important local newspapers. By preserving their legacy, we ensure that the stories and impact of the Abingdon Argus and Argus Sentinel continue to be remembered.